STRATUS is a consulting firm that helps colleges and universities create distinction by developing plans, initiatives and partnerships that link their areas of strength and promise with opportunities.

We believe that, in addition to technical expertise, successful consulting in higher education requires a personal understanding of the culture and decision-making processes of the academy. Therefore, most of our primary project consultants have on-campus experience, and we can supplement them as needed with a network of distinguished senior associates with expertise in specific areas.

With our decades of hands-on operating and consulting experience,
STRATUS teams are uniquely qualified to create integrated strategies that help institutions become more distinctive and vital. Our broad perspective helps campuses:
Create a distinctive niche
Identify new revenues
Attract and retain top students and faculty
Strengthen ties with the community
Develop successful partnerships
Maintain an environment of quality and creativity

Our practice centers on four areas:
Strategic Planning
Campus and Facility Planning
Funding and Implementation Planning

These services can be provided separately, but the hallmark of the STRATUS approach is that each is addressed in the appropriate amounts on all engagements, depending on the situation.

When the three services are provided in full, a fourth service emerges — Master Development Planning — a fully integrated, transformational planning process that addresses strategic, facility, funding and implementation planning in equal measure.

Our ultimate goal is to create actionable plans, rather than be the proverbial document that “sits on the shelf that no one uses.”