Many times, a leader will have an idea or vision that is in harmony with the institution’s history, values, strengths and opportunities and, if realized, could bring unparalleled distinction and competitive advantage to the institution. However, there are vital questions, most notably:

“How can it be funded?”
“What are the risks?”
“What are the steps to implementation?”

Among the primary drawbacks to realizing an important program, project or strategic plan are lack of funding and implementation strategies. Therefore, we include these elements in all of our plans.

STRATUS uses specialized software packages which identify specific foundations, Federal agencies and NGO’s that have special interests and resources to enable funding support.

Moreover, projects are often candidates for non-traditional funding, such as third-party financing and partnerships. We have considerable experience in assisting institutions to identify the best sources and structures for funding projects and programs.

Finally, we break down complex projects into steps that create “early wins” and collectively realize the overall project.